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Wine with character

Uncompromising aspiration for quality, new approaches to vineyard management, outstanding winemaking expertise as well as the willingness to continuously learn and improve make Domäne Wachau stand out as one of Austria’s best white wine producers.

News from the winery


Wine Enthusiast Magazine has just published their latest buying guide for Austrian Wine. At the top...

Spotlight on terroir performance: Singerriedel

Perhaps a walk up the steep 70% slope is needed to truly understand the intense concentration of...


Sulphite-free, amphorae, indigenous yeast, and oaked rosé: a young ambitious team explores the...

VieVinum 2014

Austria’s largest and most important wine fair is internationally famed for its flair: excellent...

On Top of the World

Beringer, Shafer, Produttori del Barbaresco, Beaucastel, Prüm, Roederer, Cune … and yes, DOMÄNE...

Harvest 2013

The winegrowing year and harvest of 2013 was fraught with tension and demanded diligence, but the...

More than Wine

Food and wine grow up together. Every classic wine region has a unique culinary culture. Epicureans...

Codex Wachau

Wachau vintners realized early that their steep, tiny region would never compete globally with...

Spotlight on terroir performance: Kellerberg

Rising steeply directly behind the Kellerschlössel (Domäne’s Baroque Cellar Palace), the Kellerberg...

Sexual Confusion

Wachau vintners take land stewardship in a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site seriously. How does...

Rock on rock; stone on stone

The dramatic terraced landscape of the Wachau plays a significant role economically,...

Spotlight on terroir performance: Achleiten

Julia Harding MW assesses the 2011 Austrian white wines for jancisrobinson.com

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