Domäne Wachau and far beyond

From a hip online wine platform to Johnson’s globally best-selling Pocket Wine Book: people everywhere are talking about Domäne Wachau.

Wine Folly, a US-based wine on-line platform, is almost too good to be true. Here a small team of young wine enthusiasts explain everything you always wanted to know about wine – in terms everyone can understand. Recently, Wine Folly spotlighted Grüner Veltliner, using our own Federspiel Terrassen brand to illustrate the typical characteristics and aromas that have made this varietal such a smashing international success. Obviously, we are more than pleased. In the end, a few decent facts can be worth more than the best rating.

The 2022 edition of Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book, the world’s best-selling wine guide, is as handy and as handsome as ever. Johnson’s note on Domäne Wachau is succinct and to the point: “World-leading co-op with enviable vineyards. Clean cut and and expressive, purist style. Whistle-clean GRÜNER VELTLINER, RIESLING, especially Achleiten and Kellerberg; Always great value. Try experimental marble-aged Grüner Veltliner Steinwerk.”