Wachau Panorama

1805 Reserve: Rosé with depth

Autumn weather brings ideal opportunities to enjoy the complex, multifaceted Rosé 1805 Reserve 2016.

Pinot Noir plays the leading role while Blauer Zweigelt supports in a minor part. Concentrated and juicy, the Rosé 1805 Reserve 2016 is reminiscent of a filigree red wine, yet with its vitality and light heartedness remains a child of the rosé category. Herbal notes mingle with berry aromas in a versatile food-pairing style that is well suited to fish or antipasti as well as an “Indian summer” BBQ.

The Rosé 1805 Reserve is a confident expression of the versatility of the Wachau. Fermented spontaneously with native yeast and matured in 500-litre oak barrels, this wine is a member of the “Domäne Wachau Backstage”. Our "Backstage" series is comprised of wines that open new perspectives, yet remain true to their origin.

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