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New release: Domäne Wachau Federspiel wines 2017

Impressions of the 2017 vintage are increasingly comprehensive and conclusive. Our Federspiel wines of the latest vintage are bottled and reflect a great vintage and fascinating Wachau terroirs.

While Smaragd wines impress with full-bodied opulence, the Federspiel category excels with structure and elegance. 2017 was a year that kept us on our toes, but the autumn was perfect and the wines of the vintage exhibit good texture and concentration paired with juiciness and fruit precision.

Our Terrassen wines ripen on steep slopes and offer an ideal introduction into the world of classic Federspiel 2017. Whether Grüner Veltliner, Riesling or Zweigelt for our Rosé, each of our Terrassen wines from 2017 offers fine minerality and purity – and a new label. Still recognizably similar to the previous labels, but fresher and crisper in style – they now better reflect the vibrancy and freshness of the wines.

More about our Terrassen wines here.

Going a step further, the single-vineyard Federspiel wines are fantastic starting points to explore the potential of the 2017 vintage and the expression of specific terroirs. Our single-vineyard Federspiel wines exhibit elegance and finesse, yet also have depth & substance. They speak quietly and discreetly, but with clarity and precision about the unique attributes of their individual vineyards. Even if each wine has its own terroir personality, all of the single-vineyard Federspiels of the new vintage share certain traits. The Grüner Veltliners are well structured, have pronounced spice, and excel with vibrancy and vitality.  The Rieslings are pure, crystal clear and marked with intense stone fruit that continues on the long finish. Juiciness acidity and terroir pedigree go hand in hand.

More about our single-vineyard Federspiel wines here.

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