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2018 Vintage Report: Surprises and record weather conditions

This year has its own set of new records! The quality of wine throughout the Wachau is very high and initial tastings promise distinctive wines with elegance, depth and expressive characters of terroir.

The beginning of the year was normal with below zero average temperatures. Conditions became warmer during April soaring to 25-30 °C (77-86 °F). Stable weather persisted into May with flowering occurring during the last week of the month, which is rather uncommon. From July, it became extremely hot with intermittent chilly spells, culminating into a massive hailstorm on 21st of July, causing extensive damage in Spitzer Graben vineyards. August stayed hot and drip irrigation was a huge aid, thus protecting the vines from excessive drought stress, combined with the long-term practice of building a natural humus in the soil to retain moisture in the vineyards.

The harvest started early September, and physiological ripeness for Grüner Veltliner and Riesling were optimal. Throughout the harvest we had mostly sunny and dry days and perfect conditions, apart from two days of heavy rainfall in September, which led to the risk of Botrytis. For this reason a stricter selection was necessary. Brilliant weather during October were welcomed for picking the single-vineyard Smaragd wines. In a meticulous hand harvest, we picked perfectly ripened grapes with noteworthy acidity. In November, we completed the harvest with our vibrant Beerenauslese.

The vintage characteristics of 2018 are “vitality with freshness”. We would call this a “classic, crisp vintage”, as this corresponds to a cooler vintage style, and the acidity for Riesling is remarkably lively for such a hot summer. In view of the very early flowering, we had a long growing season. All in all, we expect the wines to be firm and elegant, combining a distinct and sappy texture with a crystal-clear aroma and complexity.

Please refer to detailed description of the 2018 vintage enclosed. 

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