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Nerd Notes: Old vines

In our vineyards here in the Wachau there are mainly very old vines. They are often responsible for the high quality and the terroir-influenced autonomy of our wines.

Thanks to their deep roots and the extremely weathered and fragile gneiss geology, old vines reach mineral and nutrients even in stony ground. Above ground, their solid wood makes them resistant to wind and weather. They produce - even in barren terraced vineyards - less grapes than young vines, but highly concentrated berries. There are many advantages to preserving old vines, but it is not a guarantee for great wines. By taking care of them carefully and tending to their individual needs, they continue to give us characterful wines with depth, minerality and complex flavors.

At Domäne Wachau, we talk about old vines from the age of 45 years. However, some of our vines are older, as many of them that were planted during the first Wachau economic boom in the 1950s still exist today. Extremly old vines can be found on the Kaiserberg, on the Liebenberg, in the Achleiten and in a small vineyard in the Ried Vorderseiber, where 80-year-old vines form the basis of our Gemischter Satz Uralt-Reben. 

More information about old vines can be found here.

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