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Harvest 2013

The winegrowing year and harvest of 2013 was fraught with tension and demanded diligence, but the reward is a truly great vintage.

April 2013: snow. June 2013: torrential rain. August 2013: heat wave with temperatures of up to 40.5°C (105°F). One record followed the other – for the most part without vineyard damage. Only Grüner Veltliner suffered coulure, which caused a fruit drop of up to 50 or even 70% in a few vineyards, but this proved good for the concentration of flavour in the remaining grapes.

September was cold and wet. On the one side, the accumulation of sugar decelerated; on the other, fungal pressure rose. Once again, diligent vineyard work was required. More pleasant, moderate weather arrived at the end of September and the harvest of the earliest ripening varieties and vineyards began. Ideal weather dominated the main harvest in October, even if it was interrupted nearly weekly with light rains. The exchange between rain and sunshine became increasingly extreme at the end of the month and botrytis became a rising threat for the late harvest wines – Riesling Smaragd in particular. Hand selection in the vineyard and the winery that categorized between “clean” and botrytized grapes was essential.

First evaluation exhibits the 2013 vintage with the impressive concentration and depth of 2012, but with stunning acid structure similar to that of 2010. Quantities are low, but not as dramatic as initially expected. Time will tell if we will speak of 2012 or 2013 as the better – or even as the vintage of the decade.

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