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Spotlight on terroir performance: Singerriedel

Perhaps a walk up the steep 70% slope is needed to truly understand the intense concentration of fruit in the wines from Singerriedel.

The wine village of Spitz is located at the coolest end of the Wachau Valley and its most famous vineyard is the Singerriedel. Cool winds race down from the 1000 metre peak of the Jauerling Mountain in the evening. Vines root deep into the cracks and fissures of ancient, weathered gneiss rock that is covered by a thin layer of silicate-rich brown earth. This soil warms up in the sun and reflects light, thus enhancing photosynthesis. Grapes can hang long on the vine and collect plenty of sugar and flavour compounds without sacrificing refreshing acidity

Painstaking handwork is required; the vineyard is not navigable with a tractor. The vines are not only spoiled by the sun, but also the attentive eyes and hands of the vintner. Singerriedel is perhaps most famed for intense peachy Rieslings with pronounced mineral character, but superb, spicy Grüner Veltliners are sourced from the adjacent Axpoint, the lower reaches of the site.

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