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Sulphite-free, amphorae, indigenous yeast, and oaked rosé: a young ambitious team explores the extremes...

New trends here, a renaissance of forgotten traditions there – a probing mind and forward momentum in quality leads to experimentation and innovation. Of course, the main focus of Domäne Wachau remains single-vineyard wines - chiselling the very finest and most authentic wines possible out of an extraordinary terroir. The inquisitive spirit of the young ambitious team at the Domäne leads to a constant pushing of the envelope.

The aromas of their Riesling fermented in amphorae initially caused scepticism among the Domäne Wachau team, but left to itself, it developed into quite a delicious and interesting wine.

The work of yeasts is central in winemaking, a significant influence on how a wine tastes. In the quest for an ever more precise expression of origin, Domäne Wachau experiments often with spontaneous fermentation. Over the past years, the Domäne has also worked together with the Klosterneuburg research department on isolating indigenous yeasts from the prime Kellerberg vineyard.

Rosé fermented in a small oak barrel offers an entirely new interpretation of a highly underestimated wine style. Rosé doesn’t always have to be light and fluffy. The Rosé Terrassen Reserve 2013 is serious fun and after successful experiments at several after-work BBQs the new vintage was released in May.

Our newest experiments focus on abstaining from sulphur dioxide additions while retaining typicity and longevity... Be curious!

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