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"Backstage" at Domäne Wachau: V.D.N. – Veltliner Doux Naturel

Thinking outside the box… Riesling fermented on the skins in clay amphorae, Rosé fermented in small oak barrels - we don’t shy from experimentation at Domäne Wachau.

You can’t be among the best if you don’t continue to improve. And you can’t improve if you are afraid to push the status quo. Experimentation with new styles lends insight for improving our great classics.
Therefore we decided to try something a bit unusual last year. We interrupted fermentation of Grüner Veltliner from the Kirnberg vineyard by adding our own Grüner Veltliner brandy.

A handful of leading sommeliers discovered that our experiment filled a food-pairing gap. What sommeliers did to create a real “WOW-effect” was to pair this sweet fortified wine with strong, stinky cheeses like Münster or with meringue desserts like Pavlova. With 16% ABV, 90 g/l residual sugar, and exotic aromas and flavours of mango chutney, smoky tobacco and dark bitter chocolate, it also makes a sophisticated aperitif mixed with a high-end tonic.

This Grüner Veltliner in the style of a French vin doux naturel was sold out so quickly last year, that we’ve continued it with the 2014 vintage. Once again, Grüner Veltliner proves its outstanding versatility.

Among the other Domäne Wachau Backstage wines are an oak-aged Rosé, a field blend from a 80-year-old parcel or a Müller Thurgau fermented in a concrete egg. The Domäne Wachau Backstage wines pay homage to the interesting and exciting diversity of wine.

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