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A recap of the 2015 vintage

We are looking back on a year that expresses a broad range of vintage character. It was a year packed with outdoor swimming, record high temperatures and a perfect autumn.

Meteorological extremes have become frequent in recent years and typically “classic” vintages have become less common since the early 2000s. Weather patterns seem to have the ability to keep breaking their own records, and 2015 was no exception.

Winter was generally mild and dry; the spring was warm, leading to a hot summer. Mid-August brought the much-needed rainfall, and vineyards that had started to suffer stress in the constant heat suddenly took on a growing turbo. The outcome was consistently healthy grapes throughout ripening. Autumn can only be described as being remarkable. The combination of clear blue skies during the day and increasingly cooler nights has significantly contributed to the balance of our wines. They display clarity and focus, good purity and precision that means we are dealing with a magnificent vintage.

Please refer to detailed description of the 2015 vintage enclosed.

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