Wachau Panorama

"Backstage" at Domäne Wachau

Riesling Amphora 2015: pure, natural and orange.

The Riesling Amphora 2015 belongs to our Domäne Wachau Backstage program.
Handpicked Riesling grapes from our Dürnstein terraces were fermented and matured on the skins in clay amphorae. After six months of undisturbed peace and no additions, we bottled it unfiltered and without sulphur. Brilliant bronze with aromas of grapefruit, bee wax, and notes of clove; finely textured tannin, bright acidity; lovely marzipan, caramel and peach on the finish.

Classic terroir-driven wine will always be the backbone of Domäne Wachau. The addition of the Domäne Wachau Backstage wine series allows us to explore rare grape varieties and alternative vinification techniques. These are wines that simply do not belong in our classic Wachau Federspiel or Smaragd categories.

Among the other Domäne Wachau Backstage wines are an oak-aged Rosé, a fortified Grüner Veltliner or a Müller Thurgau fermented in a concrete egg. The Domäne Wachau Backstage wines pay homage to the interesting and exciting diversity of wine.

Domäne Wachau
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