Parker Points Progressing

The focus at “Robert Parker Wine Advocate” has been shifting in recent years, for the better—and talented taster Stephan Reinhardt is one of the reasons why…

Parker Points have long had the power to make or break a wine and a winery. Strong scores not only drive sales, but they also give us valuable feedback on the choices we make for each vintage, variety, and vine. So, whether it was a stunning 96 points for our Ried Achleiten and Ried Kellerberg Riesling Smaragds in 2019, or 92 points for our Müller-Thurgau Extrem MTX, we take considerable pride in our high scores in the Wine Advocate over the last few years.

Yet Parker Points have shifted somewhat over the years. Where once the focus was on only the top bottles, Parker tasters today are expected to also identify emerging trends. This makes us all the more grateful that Austria has been in the good hands of Stephan Reinhardt since 2014.

It is a tough task to analyze a whole collection, not just the highlights. Reinhardt is recognized as an extremely precise, patient, and nuanced taster. He gives each bottle the time it needs, so he can better understand its development. And his ratings reflect an enthusiasm and understanding of the high quality and many styles on the Austrian wine scene today.