Our Rosé 1805 Reserve Recalls History

The Rosé 1805 Reserve is our pink flagship, carefully handpicked from small vineyard plots in the Wachau. And with the optimal ripening conditions of 2021, a delicious first taste of this exciting vintage.

This rosé is part of our Backstage range, which we use to explore exciting & authentic wines outside the traditional Wachau style. Sometimes this means rare grape varieties, alternative vinification in amphora, or cement eggs… and in this case: oak-fermented rosé.

So, why ‘1805’? The name and creative design of the label allude to Napoleon’s debacle in that year at the hands of an Austro-Russian army at Dürnstein. The French emperor is said to have comforted his bruised pride after the defeat with a bottle of Wachau rosé. It is a recommendation worthy of the ages.

‘1805‘ is made from Pinot Noir fruit, blended with a touch of Blauer Zweigelt for deeper color and a delightful juicy character. It is naturally fermented and matured in small oak barrels. Expect complex and spicy aromas with intense berry fruit and floral hints of lilac. A structured rosé of power and elegance, of depth and refreshment, with eyes looking toward Tavel even as its roots thrive in the Wachau.