Single-vineyard Federspiel wines 2021 out now!

Our first single-vineyard 2021 wines are now in the bottle. Our hard work on this challenging vintage has paid off richly, and we expect it will be counted among the finest of the past decade.

Spring and summer were cool and cloudy, and the grapes developed very slowly. Yet a picture-perfect autumn arrived at precisely the right moment, with plenty of sun, warm days, and cool nights that promoted perfect ripeness in the grapes and outstanding results in the cellar.

The best example is perhaps our freshly bottled single vineyard Federpiel wines. Whether sourced from Loibenberg, Bruck, or Kreuzberg, all of the 2021 Grüner Veltliner feature a powerful and dynamic texture as well as a lively yet ripe acidity. The firmly structured Rieslings, by contrast, show incredible clarity, minerality, aromatic precision, and exceptional tension. Both varieties are already drinking beautifully but will be even better with three to five years of aging.