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Wine is more than just a beverage; it is also a platform for discussion. In this series we summarize some of the most current topics:


The last 30 years of Austrian viticulture is quite a success story. There are several reasons for this; one of the most important is Grüner Veltliner.

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Stone containers are an ideal alternative to wood or steel and offer attributes that are predestined for the vinification of authentic, high quality wines that express a specific origin.

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What are the essential climatic factors in a wine cellar and can it be that cellar mould is an important indicator for the ideal  maturation of wine? The hypothesis is likely …

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Ancient 600-year-old winemaking technique: spontaneous fermentation, completely natural and unadulterated, no sulphur added and bottled unfiltered. A unique and exciting wine experience.

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Wines are not automatically vegan, but the demand for vegan wines grows daily and many producers have found alternatives to meet this demand. Our wines are certified vegan!

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“Histamine in wine” is a persistent topic in the wine world. We also receive inquiries from our customers and business partners.

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Grape must, wine and sparkling wine are by nature gluten-free. Despite this, how can gluten find its way in wine?

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Wines from old vines are much appreciated. Winemakers, especially those who aim for absolute top wines, are so convinced of the qualitative superiority of old vines that they repeatedly take the associated higher workload and lower yields. More information on the topic.

More information on this topic.


Our single-vineyard Smaragd wines open more slowly and often give their nuances only after five, six and even a few years. In addition, they convinced with more substance and a denser and more complex texture structure.

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Since the year 2018 we carry the quality seal "Sustainable Austria". At the same time, just under 35 percent of the Wachau vineyards were declared sustainable vineyards.

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