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Sweet, spicy or liquid: Domäne Wachau’s classic culinary treasures enjoy increasing popularity. Produced by carefully selected long-term partners, these products meet even the highest demands and perfectly complement our wine portfolio.

Veltliner Brandy Chocolate XA22

Delicious, handmade chocolate with spicy Veltliner brandy – a perfect flavour experience!

Apricot Chocolate

Handmade boutique chocolate filled with apricot pieces and chocolate cream, covered with bitter chocolate.

Wachau Apricot Jam

Real old fashioned apricot jam! Sweet and wonderfully fruity, made from the ripest Wachau apricots.

Wachau Blossom Honey

A delicious blossom-honey sourced from the vineyards surrounding the Wachau village of Dürnstein.

Riesling Mustard

Delicious Mustard produced by one of the world‘s best gourmet mustard producers- „Lustenauer Senf“ with some Wachau Riesling for the special twist.

Apricot Mustard

The combination of delicious Wachau apricots and artisan mustard are a must for any BBQ-party!

Riesling Vinegar

The „queen of grapes“ yields a fresh and aromatic vinegar. Perfect for any vinaigrette, spices up savoury sauces.

Apricot Vinegar

Vinegar made from delicous apricots: delicate, fruity and aromatic: perfect to spice up your homemade chutney!

Wachau Apricot Brandy

The essence of Wachau! A crystal clear, 100% pure distillate of fully ripe Wachau apricots! 0,1l

Wachau Apricot Liqueur

Authentic Wachau apricot liqueur is a regional specialty. This sweet elixir has the inimitable aroma of Wachau apricots. 0,1l

Wachau Apricot Brandy

The world famous Wachau speciality: A noble, clear brandy distilled from sweet, ripe Wachau apricots – aromatic and mild. 0,5l

Wachau Apricot Liqueur

Sweet and tempting as chocolate! Apricot liqueur from the Wachau has been one of the regions most treasured sweet delicacies for decades. 0,5l


Different and special: Riesling is the basis for our special soaps, precious essential oils and scents perfect the products – high class and natural!

Grüner Veltliner-Soap

True luxury soaps made from Grüner Veltliner combined with exquisite oils and fragrances – a high-quality, natural skin product.

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