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Veltliner Brandy

Domäne Wachau also produces high-quality brandies that express their origin, variety and specific terroir.

These brandies are double distilled in copper pots with absolutely no addition of sugar, alcohol or aroma. These are 100% pure distillations of guaranteed Wachau origin.  These very fine distillates are matured in small oak barrels to achieve their unique finesse and complexity.

Like the wines of the Wachau, these wine brandies possess a very unique character: stream lined and delineated, very dry, yet with abundant fruit aroma. Power and maturity are the extraordinary virtues of the wine brandies of the Domäne Wachau.

Veltlinerbrand Reserve

After years of maturation in oak, the Veltlinerbrand reserve exhibits finesse, complexity and mellow spice. 38.5 % abv. Further details...

Veltlinerbrand Reserve X.A. 20 Years

This premium Veltliner brandy is ideal for relaxing and is a perfect accompaniment to a special cigar. Rich in unique nuances and seductive depth of aroma paired with elegance and structure. 40 % abv. Further details...




Veltlinerbrand Reserve Single Cask 1987

A limited quantity of only 400 bottles from the best barrique of the 1987 vintage was bottled directly from the barrel without blending. An inimitable brandy with impressive depth and structure - unique! 42 % abv. Further details...

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