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Our Philosophy

Domäne Wachau strives for quality without compromise both in the vineyard and in the cellar.  Together with significantly improved cooperation with grape growers and a competently employed vineyard quality assurance program, gentle vinification technique guarantee wines of precise and clear expression.

All of the Domäne Wachau wines and in particular the “Terrassen” and single-vineyard wines are never heady alcohol-laden wines, but fruity wines with firm mineral structure that have been highly influenced by primary rock soils.  Finesse, not voluptuous body, is in the foreground and these wines offer tremendous drinking pleasure and fascinating elegance as accompaniment to food.

Domäne Wachau strives for authentic regional character in their wines.  The Wachau and its marvellous vineyards should find precise definition and clear expression.  Essential is persistent, stabile fruit and mineral character that continue with extended bottle ageing and mature into complex secondary aromas in our top wines.  The superb ageing capability of selected Smaragd wines and their fascinating development in the bottle is an explicit goal in our wine making.

A core goal of our cooperative is the achievement of fair grape prices for our numerous growers that labour under the difficult conditions in the Wachau.  Not only the hard work in the steep terraces, but also measures for preserving our cultural landscape should be rewarded.  This goal and our commitment to the highest possible quality are behind all of our efforts.

Domäne Wachau
3601 Dürnstein 107
Tel:+43-(0)27 11-371
Fax:+43-(0)27 11-371-13

Vinothek Shop Opening Hours:

April - October:
Mo-Sa: 10 AM to 5 PM,
November - March:
Mo-Fr: 10 AM to 5 PM

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