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The Baroque Cellar Castle Dürnstein

Our Cellar Castle

Domäne Wachau’s Cellar Palace is an attractive baroque landmark of the region, planned and built by Jakob Prandtauer from 1714 to 1719.  The small baroque chateau is nestled in the Wachau vineyard slopes and its picturesque setting lures visitors and hikers to pause for leisure.  The palace originally served as an entertainment residence for Hieronymus Übelbacher, Apt of the Dürnstein Abbey, who was an enthusiast of the wines of Wachau.  In the course of history, the Cellar Castle had many famous guests, including the Ambassador Leopold Figl who was a frequent visitor during negotiations for the Federal Treaty.

Domäne Wachau use the historic building for diverse purposes, most recently as wine archive and tasting facility.  A complete interior renovation in 2006 now boasts bright frescos, restored plaster reliefs and murals.  Every detail is dedicated to the famous wines of the Wachau, which are sometimes portrayed in serious, sometimes in humorous manner.  The Cellar Palace art collection is particularly known for its copper plates and drawings, which have also been restored and can be viewed by the public.  The Cellar Castle facilities offer a unique atmosphere that can be rented for holidays, presentations, and tastings throughout the year.

The Cellar Castle can be visited during one of our numerous guided tours or events.

It is also possible to rent the Cellar Castle and enjoy its festive atmosphere for celebrations, presentations and wine tastings.

We would be happy to put together a programme tailored to your needs! Please contact our events department for details and further information: event@domaene-wachau.at or Tel.: +43 (0) 2711 371-10



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