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Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2017

For four decades, the “Little Johnson” has been an essential reference book for purchasing wine. In this anniversary edition, Domäne Wachau is ranked as first-class and given the highest possible ranking of four red stars.

Now in its 40th year of publication, Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book is unrivalled as the most comprehensive and up-to-date annual wine guide international.

Johnson prefers to measure the quality of wines in the quantities you would like to enjoy them – from just one sniff up to an entire bottle, or even a dozen or more. While the quantity of enjoyable wine is not limited, wine producers are ranked with a maximum of 4 stars. The stars are coloured when the wines produced are particularly good within their price range – whether everyday wines or luxurious rarities.
What counts are wines that are a pleasure to drink and that pair well with food. Terroir, drinkability, clarity, complexity, vibrancy and purity are important factors, just as is the fun factor while drinking.

The 40th anniversary edition ranks us for the first time with four red stars.

Domäne Wachau
3601 Dürnstein 107
Tel:+43-(0)27 11-371
Fax:+43-(0)27 11-371-13

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