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Grapes from primary rock sites too tiny for a single vineyard wine are blended together. The „Terrassen” series of wines ranges from the light Steinfeder and the elegant Federspiel to the full-bodied Smaragd – each a classic expression of the Wachau and the vintage.

Grüner Veltliner Federspiel Terrassen 2018

There is no wine more versatile at the table! Pronounced peppery flavour and racy structure offer plenty of pleasant refreshment. Further details...

Grüner Veltliner Smaragd Terrassen 2018

Grapes were harvested late and vinified dry for this wine which is a perfect accompaniment to hearty dishes and also develops its full flavour when drunk on its own. Further details...

Riesling Federspiel Terrassen 2018

Subtle peach and apricot, apple blossom and a touch of litchi. This wine exhibits excellent balance with racy acid perfectly integrated. Further details...

Riesling Smaragd Terrassen 2018

Deeply fragrant with exotic components; subtle minerals lend an aristocratic character. A charming wine with typical Wachau character. Further details...

Weissburgunder Federspiel Terrassen 2018

A ideal accompaniment to asparagus and other vegetable dishes. Delicate floral notes on the nose, perfectly balanced on the palate. Further details...

Sauvignon Blanc Federspiel Terrassen 2018

A medium bodied wine with typical aromas, like green pepper and gooseberry with hints of lemongrass. Nähere Beschreibung

Chardonnay Federspiel Terrassen 2018

A characteristic Chardonnay with Wachau finesse. Balanced, elegant and an ideal accompaniment to the traditional Austrian cuisine. Further details...

Gelber Muskateller Terrassen 2018

Our ideal summer wine- aromatic, fresh and racy. A perfect aperitif. Further details...

Fresco Frizzante 2018

A refreshing, fruity sparkling wine made from typical Wachau grape varieties. Ideal as an aperitif and for parties. Further details...

Beerenauslese Terrassen 2017

A great dessert wine from traditional Wachau grape varieties. Delicate notes of honey and sweet spices! Ideal with fruity desserts! Further details...

Zweigelt Rosé Federspiel Terrassen 2018

This rosé from Zweigelt exhibits depth and character. Well-defined red berry fruit with a crisp, elegant finish. Further details...

Blauer Zweigelt Terrassen 2018

Subtle aromas of red berries and liquorice, well-balanced on the palate with soft tannin. Further details...

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