Autumn Joys

We love autumn. Not just because harvest represents the culmination of the year’s labor, or because Wachau transforms into a yellow, red, and orange sea of leaves; no, also because of the many culinary options that present themselves. Pumpkins, mushrooms, hot soups, and braised dishes grace the table. As do sweet strudel and cookies, of course. Our contribution: the matching wine for whatever your menu.

With a bit of bottle maturation, for example, our 2022 Smaragd wines are presenting outstandingly at the moment — especially the various single-site interpretations of Grüner Veltliner. Across the board, they are expressive, nuanced, balanced, harmonious, and perfectly suited to brighten any dark autumn evening. The options are plentiful for culinary pairings — we typically recommend Austrian meat classics, favorites on menus throughout the land each autumn.

Profound answers to the cool season can also be found in our two reserves, produced respectively from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. They combine barrel-aged elegance and depth. Chardonnay is a fantastic match to any conceivable pumpkin dish, while Pinot Noir accentuates a classic St. Martin’s Goose.

Anyone who things that autumn game and white wine have nothing in common should try our VDN — “Veltliner Doux Naturel” — for a true eye-opener. The fine sweetness and velvety consistency of the fortified Veltliners harmonize beautifully with the creamy texture of game pies. Equally delicious is the pivot from sour to sweet, such as alongside Topfenknödel dumplings with stewed plums or mousse au chocolat.

Any time of year, but especially when darkness drapes itself over the landscape in the afternoon, we recommend our XA22 brandy. With at least 22 years on average in the barrel, it keeps a steady hand through any weather, and makes even a foggy night feel bright as a clear starry sky. You can’t go wrong serving it alongside aged hard cheese, chocolate, gingerbread, or an apple strudel.