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Wine Facts: Cellar Climate

The deep, dark, humid baroque vaults under our Cellar Palace offer an ideal milieu for wines to develop and mature. Could the mysterious cellar mould that flourishes there be a sign of a perfect cellar climate?

“If you build a cellar and no mould develops, then begin again and build in a different place.” This quote from Burgundy is considered an old wisdom. Around the world, mould on cellar walls indeed appears to be an indication of a good environment for the maturation of wine. Wine has been made and stored 15 metres below the earth’s surface in our baroque cellar vaults for more than 300 years. At a naturally constant 10-11 °C (50-52 °F) and 90 % humidity, Domäne Wachau wines develop and mature gradually and harmoniously in wooden barrels, stainless steel tanks, amphorae and concrete eggs.

We connected a modern vinification facility to the old cellar that offers the same climate but allows significantly more efficiency and flexibility in vinification. It not only simplifies winemaking procedures but allows us a broader playing field for various styles and the ability to more precisely define the individuality of each vineyard site.

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