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Wine Facts: Marble, Granite & Concrete

Stone vessels are an exciting alternative to wood and stainless steel and offer conditions that make them ideal for the vinification of individual and high-quality wines.

We ferment and mature the majority of our wines in wooden barrels or steel tanks, but we also like to use alternative materials. We recently added a marble and a granite maturation vessel into our cellar, and placed them alongside our concrete eggs. The marble container originates from the Waldviertel, a region which is close-by the Wachau, and has a capacity of 700 litres. The marble was naturally formed over millions of years. Its granite counterpart comes from a quarry in the Bavarian Forest and was made from a 10-ton block of stone.

The common denominator is a constant temperature development in the overall “Wein & Stein” (wine & stone) concept. The thick and dense marble, granite and concrete encasements are ideal buffers for thermal energy. In addition, the individual materials have specific properties that have a significant effect on the wine making process. The wines develop gently and wholly, with a unique development of aromas and body structure. The 2018 vintage will herald our first wines to be matured in the marble and granite containers.

Our egg-shaped concrete containers have been the home to our MTX, a Müller-Thurgau from 60-year-old vines, for several years. The excellent thermal qualities in terms of temperature regulation, the certain degree of oxygen and the unique shape of the concrete egg contribute to the texture of the finished wine, along with its aromatic profile. The wines are harmonious, generous and rich, and are embedded in its balanced acidity, citrus notes, and subtle aromas of chamomile, ripe quince and almonds.

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