Wachau Panorama

Cooperative Solutions

Sustenance for passionate small farmers, better wines, and cultivation of a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Meticulously stacked dry stonewalls hold steep, terraced vineyards along the Danube River in place. Around 250 families tend 440 hectares of vineyards - less than 2 ha on average and by no means enough to support a family. This stunning cultural landscape would be destined to go fallow and erode without a cooperative solution. Instead of each family producing and marketing its own wines, a cooperative winery was established 70 years ago.

Hans Martin, a member grower at Domäne Wachau says, “The dynamics of the cooperative have changed dramatically in the last few years. Growers are now rewarded for exceptional quality of their fruit, instead of just getting paid for quantity. Investment in a modern vinification facility and one of the best winemakers in the land make it possible to vinify the most special plots and vineyards separately to make some of the very best wines of the Wachau. My family has farmed a unique plot in the famous Setzberg vineyard for many generations. Without the efforts of the internationally experienced team at the Domäne, no one outside this valley would ever get to taste the exquisitely fragrant Traminer from this vineyard. My family and I are proud of the success of the vines we tend so carefully.” The wines of the Domäne Wachau Wine benefit from pooled passion, experience, technology, and distribution. Wine lovers enjoy superb quality for very fair prices.

The topic wine co-ops was recently discussed in the Drinks Business. Click here for Elizabeth Gabay´s article on the topic (3MB).

Domäne Wachau
3601 Dürnstein 107
Tel:+43-(0)27 11-371
Fax:+43-(0)27 11-371-13

Vinothek Shop Opening Hours:

April - October:
Mo-Sa: 10 AM to 5 PM,
November - March:
Mo-Fr: 10 AM to 5 PM

With support from the federal government and the European Union

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