Wachau Panorama

Sustainability of the Wachau Cultural Landscape

With about one third of the Wachau vineyards in its hands, the Domäne Wachau is dedicated to conscientious land stewardship.

Domäne Wachau has played a vital role in the development of a special cover crop selected to compliment the unique flora and fauna of the Wachau, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Landscape. The advantages to this special seed mixture are manifold. The diversity of blooming legumes and indigenous grasses help reduce disease pressure and offer a habitat for beneficial insects. Increased organic matter improves soil structure and diminishes erosion that constantly threatens steep, terraced vineyard slopes.

Nutrients, nitrogen, and microorganisms that benefit the vines are increased. Huge improvements in evaporative water loss and water infiltration rates result in the meagre, rocky Wachau vineyards. “Soil management is a vital factor in ensuring wine quality long term, it is vital for enhancing the expression of a unique terroir,” states Domäne Wachau’s chief oenologist Heinz Frischengruber.

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