Wachau Panorama

More than Wine

Food and wine grow up together. Every classic wine region has a unique culinary culture. Epicureans adore tasty discoveries in the Wachau…

The Wachau produces world class Riesling and Grüner Veltliner, but wine grapes are not the only crop that enjoys the sunny terraced slopes and a view of the Danube River. Thousands of hikers and bicyclists travel to the region in spring to marvel at blossoming apricot orchards and are find blooming saffron crocuses as well. Sweet juicy fruit from over 100,000 apricot trees and fragrant saffron specialties are just the beginning of an epicurean Wachau adventure. A healthy honeybee population collects pollen from a huge diversity of wild flowers. Local wine taverns offer a delicious bounty of traditional and modern dishes made from diverse local agricultural products and Danube River fish. The tasty “Wachauer Laberl” bread specialty is found everywhere and offered with local cheeses, spreads, ham, and sausage.

Exquisite jam is made from the famous Wachau apricots and creative chocolate, mustard and vinegar manufacturers use them as well as the local grapes, wine and honey to make a broad selection of delicacies. Domäne Wachau produces an award-winning portfolio of Grüner Veltliner brandies in its own copper-bellied pot stills and matures them in oak barrels for years in its cellars.

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