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2014 Growing Season

Expectations for the new vintage begin nearly immediately after the harvest. Now, more than half way through the growing season it is time to pass review...

Our vineyards experienced very little snow this winter and the mild, dry conditions promoted fairly early budbreak. A cool spring helped to slow down vegetation so that flowering occurred as it usually does in the beginning of June. During the actual flowering, it was unusually warm for the season. Despite this, fruit set was generally quite good with only occasional coulure in some of the Grüner Veltliner sites.

The following weeks were variable with hot periods relieved by benevolent rain. Vines began to get thirsty after a long dry spell in July, but this thirst was again quenched with enough rain at the end of the month. Vineyard conditions for the last stage of ripening look promising.

Good conditions in the vineyard are not something to take for granted and we would like to take this opportunity to praise the efforts of our vintner families. Our viticultural education and our bonus system have lead to increased quality and success. This in turn inspires and motivates our vintners even more. As an example, due to the mild winter this year, the caterpillar population in the vineyard was unusually high and threatened tender young buds. Vintner families joined forces and removed the pests by hand.

As always, we will only be able to make a conclusive quality and character prognosis after picking. In the meantime we shall remain alert and respond judiciously to any small or great challenges that may yet appear.

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