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Vintage Report 2014

Uncompromising quality standards meant sacrificing 40% of our yield, but the results are worth it...

Even the older vintner generation says there was never a more challenging vintage in the Wachau. Minor problems at the beginning of the growing season were championed and the vineyards were healthy as grapes began to ripen. Enduring rains set in at the beginning of August and continued relentlessly through mid-September. With this being the warmest time of the year, the pressure of fungal diseases rose with each passing day. Continuous passages through the vineyards were necessary to rid vines of infected grapes and hinder the spread of botrytis. Because Domäne Wachau seeks clear expression of fruit, longevity and firmness of structure, we insist on completely healthy fruit for our dry wines.

The unfriendly weather slowed the accumulation of sugar. The last Steinfeder and Federspiel grapes were harvested at the beginning of November – later than ever before. Smaragd came in towards the end of the month. Grapes were carefully selected and sorted by hand in the vineyard during picking.

There will be no high-alcohol powerhouses in the 2014 vintage, but due to the extremely late harvest astounding aroma concentration was achieved. Light-footed, elegant wines with expressive fruit, spice, and mineral character can be expected. Quantities are limited.

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