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Two of the world’s most prolific wine critics tasted and assessed the current Domäne Wachau wines with pleasing results.

Anne Krebiehl MW of Wine Enthusiast Magazine and Stephan Reinhardt of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate each tasted and critically assessed our Smaragd Rieslings from the 2013 vintage. Anne Krebiehl MW praised the well-structured Achleiten for its “dimension-transcending linearity” and awarded 95 points, while the Kellerberg was given 94 points. Stephan Reinhardt awarded the Kellerberg 93 points, Achleiten with 92, and Singerriedel with 91.

Anne Krebiehl was also pleased with the Grüner Veltliner Smaragd Achleiten 2013 and gave it 94 points naming “beautifully nuanced notes of white flowers, fern fronds, white peach and tart passion fruit seeds”. This kind of praise from highly respected international critics in a superb vintage like 2013 is incredibly satisfying.

It is perhaps even more rewarding for a winemaker when all the trouble and toil of a difficult vintage like 2014 cumulates in pleasing results. The Austrian wine specialist Anne Krebiehl recommends the refreshing quality of our 2014 Terrassen Federspiel wines; the Riesling achieved 90 points, while the Grüner Veltliner and Muskateller achieved 89.

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