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Grüner Veltliner Brandy – a category of class and tradition

High-quality “Weinbrand” – the brandy produced from Grüner Veltliner – looks back on a long tradition at the Domäne Wachau. A unique and distinctive expression of the Grüner Veltliner grape variety and the terroir of the Wachau.

Our Grüner Veltliner brandies are produced using the same method as your favourite Scotch whisky or cherished Cognac: 100% pure spirit that is twice-distilled in copper pot stills and matured in small oak barrels for sufficient aging to guarantee its unique character and complexity of taste. We have been distilling since 1965, and have brandies that have aged for 20, 30 and more years in oak casks.

Applying the same strict selection procedures of the still wines produced by the Domäne Wachau, these Grüner Veltliner “Veltlinerbrände” are also marked by a distinctive character only found in the Wachau: bright golden-amber hue, purity, very dry, elegant with overtones of oranges, cloves, walnuts, Christmas cake and hints of leather.

Nothing compares to the taste of a mature wine brandy: time in a bottle, that delivers a digestive spirit that encompasses the mature characters of Grüner Veltliner brandy from the Wachau in a single glass. Our recommendation is the “Veltlinerbrand Reserve X.A. 20 Jahre” (95 points in the Falstaff Spirits Guide; the highest rating in the category “Weinbrand”), that pairs perfectly with a creamy risotto garnished with dolce latte blue cheese or as an after-dinner digestive with close friends in front of the log fire.

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