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Domäne Wachau: Back to Cork

Our single-vineyard Smaragd wines are back under natural cork.

The question of bottle closures has been carefully considered and discussed over several years at Domäne Wachau. We put our entire range of wines, including Smaragd, under screw cap in the 2010 vintage. We continued to carefully follow all bottle closure research and taste and compare our wines under various closures as they matured.
Our single-vineyard Smaragd wines are always the slowest to evolve. They reveal their finest nuances after five or more years after harvest. Sealed under natural cork, these wines tend to be more complex and expressive as they age.  Under screw cap, wines maintained freshness and evolved less. Screw cap is the ideal closure for our Federspiel, Terrassen Smaragd and Village Smaragd wines intended to be drunk within 3-5 years. On the other hand, our single-vineyard Smaragd wines can age gracefully for a very long time: they are back under natural cork closures as of the 2015 vintage.

Seminal for our decision to return to natural cork closures for our single-vineyard Smaragd wines is the increasing quality of cork. Developments in cork production have progressed and detectable TCA taint will soon be a thing of the past. New quality control methods test every single cork stopper for taint. We are willing to accept the remaining, diminishing risk of cork taint in exchange for increased character development during ageing.

Read the whole article "cork & screw cap" in the attached file.

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