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Our wines are certified vegan

We have not used animal products in our winemaking for many years. To offer proof and clarity, all Domäne Wachau wines are certified vegan since the 2014 vintage.

Wine is not automatically vegan. The practice of "fining" to make wines brilliantly clear and stable began centuries ago. To remove unstable proteins and other sediments, various fining agents like egg white, gelatine, isinglass, or dairy products are used. As time passed, winemakers discovered additional plant-based options, clay minerals, and synthetic alternatives.

Environmentally conscious cultivation of our vineyards and minimal intervention in the vinification process is important to us. Our approach greatly reduces the general need for fining. With the demand for vegan wines growing steadily, certification was the coherent next step. Our wines carry the V-label, a controlled and protected registration mark from the European Vegetarian Union for labelling vegan & vegetarian foodstuffs. 

Enclosed the whole report about vegan wines @ Domäne Wachau.

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