Wachau Panorama

2016 Vintage Report

Despite early frost, an excellent vintage.

One of the most labour-intensive vintages in the history of our winery comes to an end and we are very pleased with the final quality of fruit.

A cold front hit the Wachau at the end of April, just a few days after budbreak. Temperatures sank as low as minus 4 °C (25 °F). We battled morning frost with every weapon we had (e.g. smudge pots, helicopters), but unfortunately with little success. Both sides of the Danube River at the west end of the Wachau (Spitz, the Spitzer Graben and Mitterarnsdorf) were the most severely affected. A few vineyards in Weissenkirchen were also slightly stricken.

Despite the severe loss in volume, the quality of all Wachau grape varieties was excellent. Sufficient nourishment during the long growing season will highlight spice and minerality in the wines. The style of the 2016 vintage will be tauter than the previous year and there is plenty of concentration. Wines will be more delineated, elegant and mineral – attributes that are generally expected and admired in Wachau wines. Acidity and alcohol content in both Grüner Veltliner and Riesling is well integrated and perfectly balanced. If comparisons are permissible, the 2016 vintage could go in the direction of 2008, but with more depth and structure. We expect the 2016 wines to have great ageing potential.

Please refer to detailed description of the 2016 vintage enclosed.

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